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Most sources of drinking water are afflicted with different bacteria and organisms that can be harmful to people. Adding Chlorine Dioxide to your water has many benefits. Since the mid 1900's, public water treatment facilities have used ClO2. The CDC has specifically stated that Chlorine Dioxide makes drinking water safe. When added to water in accurate amounts, it helps destroy pathogenic organisms and bacteria.


Consume Safe Water

We use water for virtually everything. Therefore, it is important to make sure you are drinking plenty of clean water throughout the day. Utilizing Chlorine Dioxide to ensure your water is safe to drink is key to optimal well-being. Remember that humans are more than 70% water, and when the body is dehydrated, it can lead to: headaches, fatigue, dizziness and a decrease in cognitive function.

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Which kit is for me?

There are 2 types of kits, differentiated by the "Activator."

The Citric Acid activator is the classic and derives from plant sources. The Hydrochloric Acid activator (or "HCL") mimics the natural acids found in the human stomach and is said to be tasteless.

Both 1ness Products™ kits make the powerful Chlorine Dioxide. Choosing which type of kit is ultimately yours!

Go Citric Go HCL

So Much More!

Are you a homesteader? Avid hiker, camper or into fishing? Or just love the outdoors?

We have natural and effective solutions for: disinfection & santization, odor removal, washing & extending shelf-life of fresh produce, digestive support, protection against biting bugs, and so much more. You are just one-click away from finding the perfect 1ness Product for you!

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